Fiyaah Staatah


Fiyah staatah


Heart thick with the muchness of it all,

the density and complexity

moving pieces across the zones

tick tock – nothing ticks anymore, it silently slides; power, moving quickly


wahtah baybee

this much water to soothe the soul

an expanse untamed expect for mountain edges


the other sea was too rough

the other water was too far

this mountain edged expanse

housed under the felt wool sky

black pebbles against flushing skin


eyes breathe deeply

this much water to soothe the soul

summer of jagged landscapes

plunging in with new rules (no jumping)

a new pace, with more space inside

all filled up


i went to the other sea but it was too rough

i went to the other water but it was too far

finally this place

this black pebbled beach

this water, no labia-freeze-ice-cream-headache

the mountains in another country, another world, through the distance


and in mind-blank, slackjaw sitting

inhaling       my eyes,

this soul unpacks

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